Frank Bey Sings “Imagine”

Frank Bey Sings “Imagine” Encore —  Baden Blues Festival 2017 

“In my music I want people to know that there are better days,” said Frank Bey a little over a year ago as he sat in an open air cafe in Switzerland. “I want new music, music with a message.” After filming with Frank through an incredibly difficult winter, we were excited to see him take the stage at the Baden Blues Festival. Little did we know, the next day, Frank’s story and performance would capture the attention of Tom Hambridge, the two-time Grammy winning producer and writer for greats such as Buddy Guy, BB King and James Cotton.

At the end of a three hour show with the Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra, the crowd was begging for an encore. Frank knew exactly what they wanted, his  soul-stirring, awe-inspiring ballad version of “Imagine.”

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