From the Director

Marie Hinson — Writer, Director,

I moved to Philadelphia almost ten years ago, away from rural Appalachia where I grew up. I left for economic reasons, but also for reasons of personal survival — creatively, spiritually, and in my gender identity. I couldn’t have ended up in a better place.

My work as an artist and documentary filmmaker comes out of my deep need and love for community, place, and social change through art. My practice and my soul have been so fed by my new home. There’s a living tradition here of masterful artistic practice that is recognized for it’s excellence around the world while also meeting the needs of its community at home. This potent combination can be celebrated for its power, but the labor and time involved, much of it in this city by people of color, can be overlooked in narratives about our art and culture.

Making this film about Frank’s music and life is a way for me to honor the work and roots that have fed my artistic voice and have literally given me life. I hope that audiences watching this film are invited to celebrate the lives and labor behind the art that they love. I hope that many will open their hearts to listen a little more closely, speak a little more gently, and ask more questions about the experiences and feelings of those of us they may never have engaged before.

Marie is a cinematographer, artist, and experimental filmmaker currently based in Philadelphia. She recently finished production as director of photography on Catherine Pancake’s forthcoming Queer Genius, and lensed Iris Devins’ After the Date that premiered at Frameline41.