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In 1962, Frank Bey left his mother’s gospel choir and escaped Jim Crow Georgia to share his soul with the world through song. For nearly a decade, he carried the message of love, truth, peace and freedom through the wild jazzy funk of a radical Philadelphia band, the Moorish Vanguard. However, in a deal gone wrong with James Brown, the band imploded. Completely crushed, Frank gave up singing for 17 years.
Now 72 years old, Frank meets one of the most treacherous turning points in his unbelievable comeback story.


Frank Bey: Ask Me How I Feel is an invitation to take part in the labor, heartbreaks, and joys that Frank and all of us face in life. In telling Frank’s story we celebrate the ways we can meet our challenges and triumphs with care, skill, love, and commitment to our path and purpose. Please follow us and Frank Bey as we share more of our story and our film over the next few months.

Join us in bringing Frank’s dream to the screen: